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It is with pleasure that I offer my testimonial to ismMagic as a global social business platform.  I have known and enjoyed the friendship of its principals since the early days of another network. Many of witnessed, as that network evolved; the changes made, the non-responsible management style, and most of all the poor monitoring of its own policies, often rendering the site useless as a social business network

The principals of ismMagic learned “we can do it better” by putting the members first in all thinking and development of the site and best practices for social business networking.  As such ismMagic enjoys some of the best Aleza ratings among such sites.  

In my primary role as an Internet risk manager, I evaluate and join a number of social and social business networks in order to extend my Internet crime avoidance message. My position and stake in ismMagic as a founding wizard confirms my trust and confidence in the principals’ values and mindsets’ as well as my ROI.

IsmMagic’s new and ongoing initiatives to weed out the spammer and scammers, increased site monitoring and other positive changes reflect the hands-on management style and support that is unique among such sites.  I endorse ismMagic as a preferred site and certainly one that should be included in your social media portfolio.


 Dr Don

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