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Member Testimonial

ismMagic for me and my family !

Hi Everyone my name is Craig Lindfield and i have been a part of ismMagic since the beginning even way back when we didn't even have a site to come to and we were just getting our lists together .

       The transformation over time has been astounding from just the aspiration of Russell to where we are today .

   Social sites are what you make them you can use them to just plaster ad links everywhere and leave or you can form close bonds  like i have with Russell .... It is rare that we do not at least chat once a day every day for last year or two ...

    So for me what has ismMagic achieved for me  or for better analogy what has it achieved for me and my family as a partnership in service .... 

       Ism at the start offered me a choice ... to be part of a Team or to just join and leave and post a few links then go about my business  or i could care to see where it heads.

   It was up to me to be a part of that choice or to move on i chose to stay ..... For this reason ismMagic  now provides an income for me and my family .... sure there have been a few hiccups  but for the most part not in ismMagic's control.... 

  Again life is full of choices do you stay or do you go over the years of marketing online and the thousands of dollars i have made over the years and still continue to do so, staying has been the one option that has always proved to be the reason why i earn a lot more online then most ...

  Humans being humans they get excited when they see the next best thing come along and they keep chasing the money instead of the dream ....!!

    Russell has a dream with ismMagic and i fully 100% support that dream and i fully intend to still be moving forward over the years ... "Why"?  Because as i said before staying instead of chasing always earn's way more over time ....

    If you use ismMagic for the right reasons you will gain results use it for the wrong reasons and it will not yield an income or Friendships ....

      Always use the social wall to show your skills and manners !  You might think your funny but you could be scaring away a lot of people that may other wise had joined you in business.

   isMagic is the future of marketing is you decide to stay and work it hard. 

   Facebook fact .... each post you make regardless of how many friends you have less then 2% of people will get to see it .........  Facebook it totally focused on starving people of posts so they pay for the privilege hence why they have floated on the stock exchange they need to make a profit and it needs to grow in profits or the share price will go down .

   ismMagic has the personal touch and with the help of the founding wizards as you can now see the social wall is now 100% under control and people are being banned or asked to modify their behaviour .  

    Things will only get better moving forward .

Have a great week everyone 


Craig Lindfield     ismMagic Founding Wizard.

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